Medicine & Wellness

Your veterinarian is your best source of information. Diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions should always be in consultation with one’s own veterinarian.

Because of our focus on prevention and education, our doctors are kept current on all aspects of cutting edge medical and surgical practices.

We routinely provide care for pets including:

•  Annual Wellness Exams
•  Surgery
•  Vaccinations
•  In-House Laboratory
•  Radiology
•  Pharmacy
•  Integrative Medicine

•  Dermatology
•  Geriatric Care
•  Heartworm Prevention
•  Flea & Tick Prevention
•  Behavior Consultations
•  Blood Pressure Screening
•  Glaucoma Screening
•  Dentistry with Digital Radiography*
•  Abdominal and Thoracic Ultrasound**
•  Internal Medicine
•  Cardiology
•  Oncology
•  Hospitalization
•  Pain Management
•  Nutrition Counseling

*Digital radiography with consultations available with board certified veterinary radiologists
**Abdominal and thoracic ultrasounds have an option of consultations with board certified cardiologists and internal medicine specialists


Surgical Care

Surgery is routinely performed Monday through Friday during clinic hours. We provide a complete range of surgical options for small pets. Routine surgeries such as spay, neuter and feline declaw as well as more advanced abdominal and orthopedic procedures are performed weekly.

Our surgery department utilizes:

•  In-house laboratory
•  Pain monitoring and management during and post surgical
•  Surgical monitoring of cardiac and pulmonary values
•  Radiology
•  Post surgical hospitalization as needed
•  Multi-modal pain control
•  Intravenous fluid support
•  Temperature monitoring


Ancillary Services

Macedonia Veterinary Clinic is fortunate to be associated with the Dahl House and conveniently located on the same campus.

This association allows us to offer a variety of ancillary services that include:

•  Boarding
•  Day Boarding
•  Special Care Day Care for puppies and senior pets
•  Puppy Socialization
•  Obedience Training
•  Grooming
•  Day Care

Please phone the clinic or kennel or visit for more information.


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